Monday, August 1, 2011

Ain't Skeerd

I saw a truck that had an Ain't Skeerd sticker on it. Next to it, it had a sticker that said "Truck Protected by Smith and Wesson." Ironic that although someone isn't afraid of anything, he still carries a gun just in case something scary comes along. Julie and I were chatting the other day about just how fearful we have become as a culture. You listen to commercials, and they are full of motivating your fear. The dollar is going to drop, so you need to buy gold. That girl isn't going to like you so you need to drop some weight. Your friends won't accept you unless you clear up that acne. Someone is going to steal your identity, so you need a company to protect you. Ad agencies have tuned into a reality in American Culture. If you want to motivate someone, scare the pants off of they will buy your pants.

It's interesting just how often I am motivated by a spirit that is not given by God (2 Timothy 1:7), and see fear rise up in so many interpersonal things in my life that inhibit me from living well. I fear rejection. I fear that a down economy will cost me my job or that something negative will happen to my boys or their health. I would have to say that at times I fear failure to the point that I would risk for nothing of intrinsic value. It seems as though we as a culture are becoming increasingly Lifephobic, and when it all boils down to it, being afraid of all of these things doesn't denote a cautious lifestyle. It denotes a lifestyle that is chronically deficient of trust in the Creator of all things and the lover of our souls.

So maybe I should try and approach life with the spirit that God does give, that of love, power, and a sound mind, but I don't feel that this is something that I ask God for. He has already given it, but it's something that I haven't fully possessed. I haven't possessed the truth that we have been given such a spirit, but rather have taken hold of the lie that in certain scenarios, the flight reaction is more prudent than to fight. So out of fear, I don't confront well. I allow abuses to occur. I develop judgements of others that will remain true in my heart regardless of their legitimacy. I have seen the power behind taking possession of a lie. How much more powerful is taking possession of the truth?
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