Monday, December 21, 2009

Southern Baptist Sissies

So, after railing on the Baptists and evangelicals on their fiscal and homosexual lovin' responsibiliites, I ran across this article, and have to say that I was surprised in how they are rethinking the way that they approach homosexuality. 

Read the Article Here

While I still assert that if you should never preach against homosexuality unless someone you know and love personally is one (see Public Relations), I do have to appreciate the Southern Baptists Convention's diligence to recognize that there needs to be a change, although I do feel that their response to Southern Baptist Sissies is because they don't really know how to respond, not that it doesn't need a response.  After all, it is a direct assault on the Baptists position on homosexuality and effectively paints them as haters of gay women and men. I don't believe this is entirely true, although one would be a fool to assume that there isn't a real disdain (to put it eloquently) in many members of the SBC towards homosexual culture. I do still sense a fear in their measured response. It is almost as if they are ping ponging between extremes. One moment homosexuality is laden with fire and brimstone. The other, it is presented equivalent to other sexual sins.

Then there was the guy who ministers to homosexuals who used to be one. That would be like an alcoholic hanging out in bars because the have been "set free." That very well may be true, but I have seen on too many occasions those people falling right back into the same lifestyle. An alcoholic, delivered or not, always knows that they are an alcoholic. Most never stop desiring alcohol, but they control that desire by keeping themselves away from situations where they might compromise, and being accountable to others. I don't think that a homosexual will ever stop desiring relations with the same sex, unless the miraculous happens in their lives. Maybe that has happened with this guy. I am not going to assume otherwise, but I hope that other people who are struggling to get out of a gay lifestyle don't follow this guys example. I have just seen it happen way too much where the environment, or even the possibility, is a more powerful motivator then staying clean.

I do feel that this is a healthy struggle for the SBC, and the quote that I appreciate the most is, 'Dean said. “There must also be compassion. Homosexual behavior is a sexual sin, just like adultery or other kinds of sexual immorality. Jesus’ compassion for the woman who was caught in adultery [John 8] serves as a great model for the church.”' This is absolutely true, and if this is the foundation for their struggle, then they are certainly on the right path!

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