Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pain Unimaginable

A friend of mine lost his two baby daughters this week. They were conjoined and the doctors didn't expect them to live very long outside of the womb. They had about an hour to spend getting to know their children before they went to be with Jesus. I cannot image the pain of such a loss. Well, I can image because I have two boys, and losing them both would be a torture unimaginable.

There is far more to this story that inspires faith in many, watching this family struggle with God's design, perceptions about how babies should look, and succumbing to the knowing that it is only a matter of time before they will have to deal with this loss. I know many charismatic Christians would have said that they needed to have faith that Jesus would heal these two little girls. Some may even say that it was their fault that they weren't healed due to a lack of faith. Those people have probably not dealt with the loss of someone extremely close, but one day they will, and this crisis of faith will either lead to their distancing from God our the changing of their doctrine.

I personally have been impacted more than many looking from the outside in. Recently, my family has been going through difficult times as well, which pail in comparison to what this family was going through. What is amazing is that the father of these two little girls was a great encouragement to my family, in spite of the fact the he know that in two days, he would lose his little girls. He was fully justified in letting us handle our own problems, because his were much bigger. My friend Mimo wrote a great blog called, "Not now, I am Trying to Save the World" which speaks on this topic. The basic point that he makes quite well is that far too often we are too self absorbed in our own issues, calling, or ambition to spend any time helping others through their difficult times.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Church has always demonized those individuals that walk by this beaten down man without lending a hand. Maybe the first person was late to a lunch appointment. The second had lost his job and was wondering how he would make rent that month. The story of the two is no different than most of our daily existence as believers, but my friend is not that person. He took the time to spend with our family when his family was hurting. The thing that breaks my heart is that I am not sure that I would do the same. To be honest, it never even dawned on me during the time that his circumstances far outweighed mine. All I could think about was how we as a family was hurting and concerned about what we were going to do next.

I am inspired by this man. I am inspired by his humility, genuine love, and the fact that I can't mistake the face of Jesus when I spend time with him. I trust him with my family, even when many times in the past, men in his position have betrayed that trust. This family has been through the fire, and they are still burning, but the fact that they faced it head on despite the pain makes them worthy of trust.

My prayers are with you. Thank you for being a real example of Jesus in a world full of counterfeits. I am very fortunate to have people like yourself in my life.

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  1. Amen Rocky. You are absolutely right. Jesus has shown brightly through Brandt and Paige. They have been selfless with thier hearts and thier lives and are an example to us all. Might we all be challenged to know, love and serve others in the midst of our own difficutlies. Our hearts break with thiers. Prayers for y'all too.


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