Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Being here in Dallas, this is the land of impressive fellowships. The fellowship which employs me is fairly impressive. Down the street, there are fellowships with huge steeples and parking garages. They are really impressive. Even further, you have fellowships with moving lights, multiple projection screens, worship leaders with cool hair, and pastors who look great on 20/20. Very impressive indeed. You go even further and you have all of that plus about 20,000 people who join in the impressiveness. Yes, I live in a region of the world where the Church is very impressive.

I am kind of impressive too. I have a beautiful wife. I have reared children that everyone adores. I can do allot of stuff really well. As individuals go, I would think that I am just north of average on the impressive scale. I hang out with impressive people who do even more impressive stuff than I do. Their blogs and podcasts are impressive. Their songwriting ability is impressive. Their ability to attract others like them is impressive as well. With all of this impressiveness floating around, it has led me to one central understanding that is quickly becoming core to my understanding as a believer.

There is no way in heaven or hell we are going to impress anyone into the Kingdom of God. The phrase will never be uttered, “I came to know Christ because I was just so impressed by those Christians and their impressive lives!” The entirety of the attraction that the family of God brings is not that God makes us more impressive to others. It is that we as sinners, depraved and broken, have been adopted into the family of God. We once were orphans. Now we are heirs, and although we will remain depraved and broken until God takes us home, we are covered by a grace that both stays the wrathful hand of God and allows us to know our Father, His Son, and His Spirit in a radical, counter cultural, unimpressive and humble way.

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