Monday, June 16, 2008

The purging...

This week will conclude my two week extravaganza of the booth cleanse. Our booth has been in great need of a makeover. It is probably one of the worst "installs" I have run across. Basically, think of the worst installs you have ever seen, and replace those installers with monkeys and you have the previously deceased install! As I was working over my new patching matrix, thanks to Ryan Howell's matrix as a guide, I finally reached a breaking point, and just started tearing stuff out! Fortunately, this started on Monday and didn't conclude until Friday.

I redesigned the entire layout of the booth to give us more square footage of table space and booth space. I literally pulled piles of network, audio, and video cable out of corners and spaces. There were at least 15 power strips in the rats nest. I got rid of gear that we no longer use, which enabled me to get rid of two 12 space racks as well that were taking up table space. I moved the console to the corner, where I had my graphics, lighting, and producer crammed, and now they have plenty of space to work. Then I cleaned up the backs of the racks and it is starting to look like a real install now!

Clair Brothers is here this week adding to the patch bay some insert channels for the Drawmer compressors and gates that I added earlier in the year. They are also running two aux sends to my amp room so that I can control my subs and front fills on an aux. Then we are adding 12 desperately needed channels to the stage, getting me up to 40 channels on the stage, which is workable for our setup. So after this week, I won't have to sacrifice my second kick mic for a click channel. Very nice.

This weekend was probably one of the smoothest that we have had. I had an almost full staff, minus an A2, which always makes things interesting for me. Our transitions were flawless as were the cues. It was one of those Sunday's that just make you smile, and are some much needed therapy to the techsticular cancer!

On a personal note, this weekend I had a great daddy day. We hit the water park and had lunch at Hullihan's off of Beltline. Their lettuce wraps were the best I have ever had. I had some great family time, and took my son down the big slides even though he was an inch too short. We don't need no stinking inch!


  1. Ah yes, the coveted flawless service. Especially nice after changing things up. It's good to know that you did everything right and it's actually better.

  2. No kidding. I think deep down inside, I was hoping that at least one thing caught on fire, so there may be a bit of sadness mixed in with that joy!


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