Friday, May 30, 2008

Love, Art, Magic

So tonight, I got a chance to finally catch an art show called Art, Love, Magic (web site) hosted by my friend Justin Nygren. It was so cool getting to see him in his element. About 6 years ago, myself, my soon to be wife and a couple of others came down to Dallas from Colorado Springs, and helped him produce his first multi-arts event called the Blue Door. He and his wife are so stinking cool, and it is great to see that since then, he has really arrived in his element, and is producing some really fantastic events!

This was one of their coffee house versions, which is paired back a bit, but none the less, I got a chance to see a few really amazing artists that I have to talk about! The first is a guy named Spencer (myspace site). This guy couldn't have been over 18, and he had a Dillon vibe that made you have to listen! Lyrically, his songs were fairly profound. He is one of those make you think kind of songwriters, and his final song, called "America" I believe, was just awesome. I love to see young talent who get the fact that they aren't God's gift to the world, but rather that the world is God's gift to us! Wow, I need to put that thought in my book.

The other was a very new artist named Jason Kinney (website). His medium is pencil with a portrait specialty, and he has only been creating for about 4 years. His detail is astounding. In today's age of photoshop, artists far too often take mediocre works and run it through a digital process to somehow capture a unique aspect. His prints were merely b & w photocopies from Kinko's, undoctored, and you could still see the grain of the paper, the detail of each pencil stroke, and at first glimpse, you would think you were looking at black and white head shot, but upon closer inspection, you see that it is a freehand work. What is absolutely amazing is how he omits certain aspects of the pieces that aren't important but keys in on some that bring the piece to life. I bought a print of the old man on the website. His wrinkles tell stories of being formed by years of hardship and pain, yet reveal the permanent remnants of a smile that may not be present in the portrait, but I am sure is as distinct a portion of his existence as the hat on his head. His eyes bathe you in peace. You sense grace in his demeanor. You see wisdom that cannot be learned in a classroom or because you made it to church on Sunday, but because you lived your life communing with God.

Jason's testimony is pretty awesome as well. He and his wife have been delivered from a meth addiction in one of those miraculous ways that piss people off who don't believe that God still heals people today! You need to go to his sight and read his testimony. Powerful!

Art, Love, Magic has another show coming up at the Janet Kennedy Gallery at Southside on Lamar sometime in June. It will feature about 30 female artists from around Dallas, and I am certain will be an event that should be on everyone's calendar! It will certainly be on mine.

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